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Photography Monday: Utility Box #10


Utility Box Art #10

The last utility box in the first phase of this series.  Beautifully executed and filled with images of daily life in South Pasadena.  This box depicts the busy intersection where the light rail meets cars and pedestrians.

Utility Box Art #10

This rail line was originally used for freight and Amtrak. It is close to the South Pasadena Historical Museum housed in the former Meridian Iron Works building. Close to this intersection is the weekly farmers market that is depicted in Utility Box #1.
Utility Box Art #10

Since the tracks cross the intersection at a forty-five degree angle, the crossing gates are very long and an integral part of this junction’s symphony.  Next to the museum and the tracks is a small park, where you will find many children playing and watching the trains.
Utility Box Art #10This box beautifully depicts a typical day at this train stop.  Stay tuned for the next phase of ten boxes!


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