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Lilac Loveliness

It has been about two months since our lilac tree has bloomed.  Oh, do I miss it so. The fragrance gently wafts over you and the pretty flowers make me smile.  Our tree is right outside our back door so I get a glimpse of it every time I come and go from the garage or get something from our back porch.  Lilacs always signal the start of spring and have various meanings associated with the petal color.  The two week blooming period was far too short, but I look forward to seeing the profusion of blooms next spring.  Enjoy!

If heaven has a scent, it must smell like lilacs in bloom. -Victoria Doyle Heagy


P.S. Scratch and sniff photography would be really handy right now.

Luscious Lilacs Part II

I love the varying shades of purples!

I love the varying shades of purples!

Here is the last bunch we picked from the lilac tree.  It was the best season so far and I look forward to next year’s crop.  Until then, I bid adieu.

Flowers leave some of their fragrance in the hand that bestows them.  -Chinese proverb


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