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Utility Box Art #6

Utility Box Art #6

The art on this box definitely has an anime feel to it.  Her persona changes depending on her mood as evidenced by the different hair color, skin color and outfit on each panel.

Utility Box Art #6

I love art for this reason as it is your interpretation of what you are seeing.  The artist can explain what it truly means, but ultimately it is your reaction and view of it that really matters.

Utility Box Art #6

It is a nice colorful addition to this busy street corner along one of the main drags in town.

Utility Box Art #6

Last week, an article was published in the local paper, the South Pasadena Review, that the city has approved ten more boxes to be painted.  This is fabulous news as it brings more public art for the masses to see on a daily basis.  It also sparks conversations about art and how it should be an integral part of the community.  I can’t wait to see what will be on display in the next phase, but I have four more boxes to share with you to complete this series.  Stay tuned!




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2 thoughts on “Utility Box Art #6

  1. Kistingers on said:

    Who is the artist?

    Rod >

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