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Crafty Today: Spring Curly Paper Wreath

Time for spring!


I really enjoyed making the Valentine Curly Paper Wreath so I made one for the spring.  It is a perfect complement to my spring door mat.  I followed the same steps as noted in this tutorial, but made the following changes:

  • Used 7 sheets of patterned paper instead of 6
  • Made all of the curls while watching tv (in my case, watching the Super Bowl)
  • Used a fingertip thimble by Dritz which gave me the control to accurately push the pins into the foam without damaging the other paper curls (it will save your fingertip from being too sore)

    Love those curls!

    Love those curls!

This wreath would make a great gift as my mother has already put in a request for one.  I urge you to try it and you won’t be disappointed.





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One thought on “Crafty Today: Spring Curly Paper Wreath

  1. elizabeth on said:

    so pretty!

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