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Utility Box Art #5


These red-crowned parrots are native to Eastern Mexico.

This box documents our everyday life in South Pasadena with our feathered friends, the wild parrots.  The parrots have been entrenched in our city for years and they traditionally roost in Altadena, Temple City and South Pasadena.


They commonly roost in many types of trees in our community plus hang out on the telephone wires that dot the city.

During the fall and winter months, the parrots tend to roost more than any other time of year.  They are very good at finding and exploiting food sources.  This is why they roost in one area for a short time and then move on.


Their behavior is to roost and flock together.

Years ago, my mother had a parrot get stuck in the grill of her car while she was driving in town.  She had to call our city animal control officer to extricate the parrot.  That was one dopey parrot.



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