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Edgar the Cat

A sweet, friendly cat!

A sweet, friendly cat!

Edgar is a wanderer.  He has been visiting us intermittingly since the fall of last year.  A few weeks ago he camped out on our porch for a week.  When I was out for my late afternoon walk, I spotted Lost Cat signs for Edgar.  I promptly contacted his owners and they were thrilled to hear he was alive and well.  He was taken home and loved by his family.  We learned that he only lives a few blocks away, but obviously loves the tranquility of our quaint dead-end street.  He has returned a few times to stop for a snack and lay in the sun spot on our porch.  This perch allows him to watch the comings and goings on our street.  He definitely loves adventure and we are so glad that he has chosen us to visit with.

Loving this sun spot!

Loving this sun spot!



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2 thoughts on “Edgar the Cat

  1. elizabeth on said:

    Happy Happy Kitty!

  2. Joanne Nuckols on said:

    We have one of those wanderers (looks exactly the same) that comes to our yard to get away from the dogs. Mogley only lives next door though. Just a short jaunt for peace and quiet.

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