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Dahlia Delivery

Always gorgeous!

It is customary for me to share my mother’s excess bounty with my co-workers. Their color and beauty provide incredible joy for the workplace and I enjoy sharing it. As I have mentioned before, we have had an unseasonably warm spring followed by unusually wacky summer with humidity and rain.  I think the plants became very confused and didn’t know what to do.  As you can see, they are blooming, but they aren’t as plentiful as past years.  This year the dinner plates didn’t bloom at all and they always are the crowd favorites.  All in all, we must be amazed by nature and be an eternal optimist.  We are grateful for what bloomed this year and look forward to next year’s crop hoping it will be spectacular.  Thanks Mom!


Micro Library #13

Room for lots of books.

Room for lots and lots of books.

With school starting this week, I felt it was appropriate to share my latest find.  This library was erected shortly before school was let out in June.  Located in front of the school, this library will get lots of use and will soon be filled to the brim with books. A great location and maybe the other two elementary schools in town will do the same and construct their own little library.

“Like a food desert—an area where fresh, nutritious foods are difficult to find or afford—a book desert is a place where books are difficult to access. Our boxes full of free books are portals to the joys of reading.”  – Kris Huson, Director of Marketing and Communications at Little Free Library


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