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Crafty Today: Minion Birthday Card

Hey there!

Hey there!

No tutorial today, but a cute card to put a smile on your face.  I was commissioned to create a Minion birthday card for my co-worker’s godson.  How could I say no to that request?  I had this card pinned to my Just Cards Pinterest board and used it as my inspiration.  This card was exclusively created from scratch with no template.  A huge creative challenge for me, but one that I embrace.



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3 thoughts on “Crafty Today: Minion Birthday Card

  1. Kistingers on said:

    Really cute. Would never be able to do that in a hundred years.

    See you on Sat June 27th at noon. Yeah, Party!

    Love, Mom

  2. Brett on said:

    Sydney and Nyle love minions. I forwarded to them for a look.

  3. How cool! Love it😍👍

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