Crafted Living

Living a crafted life!

What is Crafted Living?

Time to create!

Time to create!

I started this blog over two years ago after I was laid off (reduced hours) at my then job as a project coordinator for a private design college. It was a great job where I was able utilize my organizational and relationship skills in a design field. Perfect. But, as in the past when I have been laid off, I switch industries and forge a new career path. I have been at my current job in the travel industry for over two years and struggle sometimes to keep my life crafted.  I might not cook as much as I want, but do my best to eat healthy and splurge periodically. I might not be able to scrapbook or make cards as often as I like, but I go to crops monthly, have my girlfriends over for workshops as often as I can and I make birthday cards for family and friends.  I might not be able to share as many photographs with you as I would like, but hope you enjoy what I do share.  In other words, I share what interests me and you get a glimpse into my creative life.  Eating well, seeing beauty in the garden, and creating a fabulous card are all a part of me.  This blog has been the forum where I can share my creativity and I thank you for the opportunity.  Let’s stay connected and enjoy the ride!



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One thought on “What is Crafted Living?

  1. Toni Fox on said:

    Great job Tina! Love seeing all the creative aspects of all you do. Still waiting on how to make the 4th of July wreath or how much for you to make it twice.
    Toni Fox

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