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Photography Monday: Front Door Series #5

The red pop of color is fantastic!

The red pop of color is fantastic!

My Photography Monday Series has been quiet for some time and it was time to bring it back.  And, I wanted to reinstate my front door series from last year.  I am fortunate to live in an area with homes of architectural interest that the owners are proud to show off.  With that in mind, I will have many homes to share with you and hopefully, these photos will inspire you to do something fabulous too.

I drive past this house every day on my way home from work.  Isn’t it a beauty!  First of all, the red door is marvelous.  Then, to spread the red throughout the garden and to top it off with the flag.  Genius!  Red is a very strong color and one that goes a long way when used sparingly.  Well done.



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2 thoughts on “Photography Monday: Front Door Series #5

  1. This made my morning! Thank you Tina!

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