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Vintage Roses

So lovely!

So lovely!

My garden amazes me.  With the unseasonably warm weather this winter, we have been hit hard with a riot of weeds.  No joke!  Weeds everywhere you can see – front yard, side yard, driveway and back yard.  Amongst the weed meadow in the back yard, I could faintly see these roses blooming.  It brought a smile to my face.  And of course, they needed to be displayed in the old mason jar that was unearthed from our back yard during our home renovation.  Such a beautiful sight!  Thank you, garden.

One may live without bread, not without roses. – Jean Richepin



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2 thoughts on “Vintage Roses

  1. elizabeth on said:

    beautiful colors!

  2. We have exactly the same hobby, our gardens. A garden is never finished, is an old saying. A garden is lots of work but rewards you with such beautiful flowers like the lovely roses in the old jar. Wonderful photo.

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