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Blooming Lilacs


Such a gentle, sweet scent!

Such a gentle, sweet scent!

It is lilac time!  When we purchased our home, we were thrilled that we inherited a mature lilac tree.  The first year was a little rough because it had been neglected over the years and was overgrown.  With instructions from a landscape gardener, I gave it some tough love and cut it back hard.  Now, it blooms every March and provides the most delightful sprigs of lilacs.  My husband climbs the ladder to reach the tallest blooms and with the cuttings I am able to fill my grandmother’s Lenox vase with these beauties.  The scent wafts through our dining room and reminds me that spring is around the corner.

The lilac branches are bowed under the weight of the flowers: blooming is hard, and the most important thing is – to bloom. – Yevgeny Zamyatin



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One thought on “Blooming Lilacs

  1. Your lilacs are beautiful, just like your photos!

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