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Blooming Camellias

Such beauty!

Such beauty!

Aren’t these gorgeous?  With an unseasonably warm winter in Southern California, the camellias are blooming in full force and sharing their beauty.  The pale pink camellia tree started blooming in early December and my other bushes followed suit in early January.  When we purchased our home, we were blessed with some mature plants including several camellia bushes, rose bushes and a lilac tree.  What I love about the camellias is that they are low maintenance and they bloom with little effort on my part.  Just like roses, they come in many colors and petal variations.  I hope this burst of pink splendor will bring a smile to your face.  Enjoy!



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3 thoughts on “Blooming Camellias

  1. Absolutely beautiful!

  2. elizabeth de gies on said:

    These might be my favorite of your photos!

  3. Absolutely beautiful – I love these flowers!

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