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Crafty Today: Birthday Card #14


Happy Birthday My Friend!

Happy Birthday My Friend!

We are still celebrating birthdays with more to come this month.  This card was created for my husband’s fellow music lover and they have been friends since high school.  You need the following tools and supplies to create this card:

Fold the ocean cardstock so it is a finished size of 4.25″x 5.5″ and cut the white cardstock to 5.25″x 4″.  Emboss the white cardstock.  Cut two pieces of patterned paper to fit the width of the embossed cardstock with widths of .25″ and 1.5″.  Adhere these pieces to the embossed cardstock.

This card was so simple to create and the result is superb.  So many variations and endless possibilities.  We also included a birthday cd so we hope he had a fantastic birthday!



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One thought on “Crafty Today: Birthday Card #14

  1. Love it! Can’t wait to make it. Have a great holiday.

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