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Cricut Friday: Mouse Birthday Card


Dance a little jig for your birthday!

Dance a little jig for your birthday!

Some people probably wouldn’t find this cute for a birthday card.  Our very dear friend owns a pest control company so this was perfect.  You need the following tools and supplies to create this card:

Fold the light blue cardstock so it is a finished size of 4.25″x 5.5″ and cut the white cardstock to 5.25″x 4″.  Cut all of the pieces for the mouse at 3.5″.  Adhere all of the layers of the mouse together.  Run the white cardstock through the Cuttlebug machine to emboss.  Adhere the mouse to the embossed cardstock and googly eyes to the mouse.

We know he saw the humor in this card and he really is cute.  Originally, the lollipop had a bow, which didn’t come out well because it was too small.  I cut it off and made a slightly larger stick by hand.  I was happy with the end result and hope our friend is enjoying his birthday cd.



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