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Crafty Today: Patriotic Rosette Wreath

Red, white and boom!

Red, white and boom!

My mother’s birthday is July 3rd and she always decorates the front porch with vintage inspired bunting.  But, what do you give your mother that can buy whatever she wants whenever she wants?  A patriotic rosette wreath to decorate the front door.  You need the following tools and supplies to create this wreath:

You will need rosettes in three different sizes.  The largest rosette was cut at 2″ using Scallop1 (make 6).  The next size was cut at 1.5″ using Circles (make 6).  And the smallest rosette was cut at 1.25″ using Stamp1 (make 7).  Cut six strips for each rosette.  Fold the strips using the indicator lines that are cut into the strip.  Attach the six strips together to form a continuous loop.  Have two small cardstock circles ready for each rosette.  Make the rosette and have a something lightweight to hold the rosette down while you cover one circle punch with lots of hot glue.  Adhere the circle punch to the center of the rosette and hold it until the glue cools.  Flip the rosette over and apply a second circle punch to the center.  These hold the rosette in place and no other adhesive is strong enough to withstand the pressure.  Cut varying medallions using the medallions in the cartridge and your circle punches.  Adhere the medallion to the center of each rosette.  Adhere the rosettes to the wreath using a hot glue gun.

Rosette detail

Rosette detail

I researched on Pinterest before I started this project and noticed that most rosette wreaths were lacking embellishments.  Using fabulous patterned paper and interesting medallions gives this wreath the wow factor.   This is a time intensive project, but definitely worth the effort.  I hope you try it!



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One thought on “Crafty Today: Patriotic Rosette Wreath

  1. Geri Egan on said:

    Just lovely. They look like fireworks.

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