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Crafty Today: Black Dog Birthday Card


Jake says happy birthday to his master.

Jake says happy birthday to his master.

We attended a birthday party for a friend over the weekend.  His faithful companion, Jake, was the inspiration for this card.  You need the following tools and supplies to create it:

Fold the crimson cardstock so it is a finished size of 4.25″x 5.5″ and cut the white cardstock to 5.25″x 4″.  Cut all of the pieces for the dog at 3.5″ and the party hat at 4.5″.  Adhere all of the layers of the dog together.  Run the white cardstock through the Cuttlebug machine to emboss.  Adhere the dog and the hat to the embossed cardstock and googly eyes to the dog.

This dog was originally designed as a graduation dog, but I changed it to be a party dog.  The party hat was enlarged because it made the dog more charming and cute.  Even though Jake couldn’t attend the festivities, I am sure he approves of this card.



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