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Vintage Roses


Stunningly beautiful!

Stunningly beautiful!

When we purchased our home, it was in bad shape, inside and out.  The previous owner was a hoarder and the property had been neglected for years.  We lovingly restored the interior of the home with the help from wonderful craftsmen and my generous parents.  The yards were left to grow wild and one of our neighbors called it a jungle.  The weeds and overgrowth were cleared away and we were delighted to find some survivors of the neglect.  The plants that wouldn’t be denied were the lilac tree, a handful of camellia bushes and a few rose bushes.  A few days ago I saw these roses blooming in the backyard.  So amazing and perfect!  What a treat!

Roses are very red!

Roses are very red!




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2 thoughts on “Vintage Roses

  1. Kistingers on said:

    Roses are fake. Where’s my new banner?

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