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Cricut Friday: Milestone Birthday Card #4

What an achievement!

What an achievement!

My sister-in-law’s mother just celebrated her 88th birthday. A card was definitely in order to commemorate this special birthday.  You need the following tools and supplies to create this card:

Fold the raspberry cardstock so it is a finished size of 4″x 4″ and cut the pale pink cardstock to 3.75″x 3.75″.  Cut all of the pieces for the 88 at 2″.  Adhere the layers of the 88 together.  Run the pale pink cardstock through the Cuttlebug machine to emboss.  Adhere the 88 to the embossed cardstock.  Following the instructions on the Envelope Punch Board, cut the pale pink cardstock to the appropriate size to create a 4″x 4″ envelope.

In the Japanese culture, 88 is a milestone year and is part of a long tradition of celebrating longevity.  The character for rice, which symbolizes wealth, nutrition and other wholesome things can be broken down to its basic components and rearranged as 88.  Fascinating and what a wonderful tradition!



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2 thoughts on “Cricut Friday: Milestone Birthday Card #4

  1. Another great card. You inspired me to buy the Folk Art cartridge after one of your previous posts. Of course, I was also inspired by a $19.99 sale at JoAnn’s, but you helped make my selection easy. As a long time CM user, I also love your use of some of their classic papers. Cheers!

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