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Photography Monday: Micro Library #2

What a charming micro library!

What a charming micro library!

Life happens and I had to take an unexpected break from the blog since Thanksgiving.  I am back now to share with you the discovery of another micro library in my town.  Coincidentally, it is located across the street from my parent’s home.  As I mentioned before in my first post about micro libraries, they follow the philosophy of “take a book, return a book”.  Each micro library is unique in its design and scale.  This library is a beautiful addition to this garden and quite charming.  I love it and hope more appear in town soon!

A book is like a garden carried in the pocket.  -Chinese Proverb



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4 thoughts on “Photography Monday: Micro Library #2

  1. Dina Morgan on said:

    There is another micro library on Marengo, east side of the street 2nd house south of Oak. The house is a craftsman set back with a front yard that has a lovely rural feel. The house just sold, but I believe the library is still there.

  2. I do like the idea of a micro library. 🙂

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