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Simple Pleasures Part II

F-stop enjoying a sun spot!

F-stop enjoying a sun spot!

We rarely leave town on a holiday weekend.  We find it too stressful with the horrendous traffic the main reason why we don’t.  Instead, we stay home and enjoy a relaxing weekend.  This past weekend we had dinner with some dear friends, who introduced us to a new restaurant.  Yum!  Went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for takeout and enjoyed dinner while listening to our team fight it out at the Rose Bowl.  Go Bruins!  We cooked, watched some of our favorite programs, and stayed cool at home.  The weekend slowly unfolded and we relished every minute.  Nice and easy with no definite plans.  Unplanned weekends are the best for recharging yourself and reconnecting with those you love.  Like F-stop above, enjoy the opportunities when they present themselves.



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