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A very inspiring magazine!

A very inspiring magazine!

You can’t use up creativity.  The more you use, the more you have.  -Maya Angelou

The above quote was featured in the Editor’s Letter of the current issue of Somerset Life.  Christen Olivarez, the Editor-in-Chief, wrote a stirring letter about creativity, which truly resonated with me.  How creativity, as it applies to a creative person, can be a frustrating process if you are stuck in a rut or exceptionally rewarding if you are productive.  She describes creativity as a muscle that needs to be consistently worked.  I believe this statement to be true as I have experienced it firsthand.  This blog has pushed me to continue to work my creative muscle and I am grateful for the opportunity.  Being creative is essential to my soul and definitely contributes to my happiness.  Work at it every single day and make it a priority.  You will reap the benefits.



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