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Dahlia Delightfulness

What a beautiful combination!

What a beautiful combination!

My first blooms of the season!  What a difference a year makes.  Last year, I had sporadic blooms due to a late planting and excessive spring heat.  This year, the fact that the bulbs rested and divided on their own has made for happier, healthier plants with fantastic flowers.  What is especially endearing are the curly petals that obscure the center of the flower.  So charming and I can’t wait for more!

In queenly elegance the Dahlia stands, and waves her coronet.  -Joseph Breck



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6 thoughts on “Dahlia Delightfulness

  1. Stunning beauty and color!!! 🙂 wow!!

  2. edegies on said:

    What beautiful colors….it is like a painting!

  3. Beautiful photo! I just got hooked on growing dahlias last year and am enraptured by their beauty – they’re truly amazing flowers!

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