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Being Crafty: Marbling Paper

My birthday was back in November around Thanksgiving and my brother and his wife gave me the most creative gift.  Courtesy of my mother’s brilliant idea, they gave me a workshop about learning how to marble paper.  Fantastic!  I was so excited I couldn’t wait to take the class.  I took it over the weekend and had a blast!  A new obsession for sure!

My first batch of papers

My first batch of papers

Learning how to throw stones

Learning how to throw stones

The finished first piece

The finished first piece

Setting up the bullseye

Setting up the bullseye

Can you believe how stunning these papers are?  I am still amazed and transfixed by their beauty.  Luckily for me, I had an amazing instructor, Barb Skoog, who taught us the fundamentals of paper marbling in the Turkish tradition.  Then, we got to play and I went a little crazy.  I created some beautiful papers that I will showcase in upcoming posts.  There is more to learn and I enjoyed the fact that I was able to stretch my creative muscles in a completely different way.  Thanks Barb!

Happy crafting!



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