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Photography Monday: Rose Parade Floats

We left our house shortly before midnight on New Year’s Eve to view the floats in their pre-parade lineup.  Bundled against the cold, we walked up Orange Grove Boulevard towards the floats.  Think of Orange Grove as a huge parking lot and each float has its own parking space.  The boulevard is dotted with very large, tall floodlights to illuminate the street as well as the floats.  These lights are what make it challenging to photograph them.

Rose Parade float detail

The City of Sierra Madre float was awarded the Isabella Coleman Trophy.

Rose Parade float

China Airlines float was awarded the International Trophy.

Rose Parade float

Beverly Hills Pet Care Foundation float in detail

Rose Parade float

More detail of the quilt and picnic basket of the Beverly Hills Pet Care Foundation float.

Rose Parade float

The back side of the South Pasadena float, which won the Founders Trophy.

Viewing the floats before the parade is an exciting, fun way to start off the new year.  I hope you enjoyed it!



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