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Crafty Today: Photo Banner

Photo banner

Photo banner

To keep with the elegant and sophisticated look for the 5oth birthday party, I created a banner showcasing my husband through the years.  You will need the following supplies to create this project:

  • photos
  • matte presentation paper
  • foil tape
  • thin chipboard
  • ribbon
  • adhesive
  • hole punch

I collected photos of my husband from two years old to the present.  Scanned, cropped and edited those photos in Memory Manager 4.0.  Printed them on matte presentation paper.  Cut them out and adhered cropped photos to chipboard (cereal box cardboard is a great option).  Trimmed the photos again.  Applied foil tape to the edges.  Punched holes in the upper corners of each photo and strung the ribbon.  Hung it.  Voila!

Photo banner detail

Photo banner detail

I paired the photo banner with a Happy Birthday banner on loan from my mother.  All the guests enjoyed looking at the banner and it added to the festive atmosphere.

You can find Memory Manager 4.0 and the foil tape here.  The birthday banner was purchased at Tancredi & Morgen.

Happy crafting!



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