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Crafty Decorating: Ornament-Filled Cloche

Ornament-filled cloche

Ornament-filled cloche

This cloche has been in my possession for several years and I couldn’t figure out what to do with it until this year.  Last year, I saw this idea in Martha Stewart Living and decided it was time to create my own version of a glittered Christmas.  You need the following supplies to create this project:

  • cloche or anything similar
  • lots of ornaments

I nestled the glass dome in some packaging paper in a box and started filling it with ornaments.  My ornaments were all from the 99 cent Store except for one package from Target.  The Target ornaments were glass and the 99 cent Store ornaments were all plastic.  Can you tell the difference?  I can’t.  Fill to the top and put on the base.  Flip.  Finished.  So simple, yet so effective and festive.

Happy holiday decorating!



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5 thoughts on “Crafty Decorating: Ornament-Filled Cloche

  1. elizabeth on said:

    clean…simple…classic..festive… LOVE it!

  2. Geri egan on said:

    This is so beautiful. I think I will make one for my boss.

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