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Photography Monday: Disneyland Part III

My last installment about our visit to Disneyland.  We often take two cameras with us so we can shoot independently, but this time we only had the one since we wanted to travel lightly.  My husband often takes detail photos that are completely different from mine.  He often focuses on engineering details like grates, survey markers and tree well covers.  Since we were at Disneyland, the park is known for designing to the last detail.  These photographs showcase my husband’s point of view.

Disneyland survey marker

Disneyland survey marker

Disneyland decorative grate

Disneyland decorative grate

Disneyland grate

Disneyland grate

Disneyland tree well cover

Disneyland tree well cover

I hope you have enjoyed my photographic tour of Disneyland and it inspires you to look at the world a little differently.



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