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Confused Dahlias

I mentioned in an earlier post that my mother’s newest obsession is dahlias.  She purchased several batches of bulbs and gave the extras to family and friends.  Our bulb grouping was planted in the spring, which means we had a late start.  It took some time for them to get going, but we had a glimmer of hope in the early summer.  We were graced with one bloom that promptly died two days after I cut it from the stalk.  We had several heat waves over the summer and the plants struggled.  It was so hot at one point that the buds were getting burned and never bloomed.  My mother’s waves of blooms got us through the summer while I tended to our plants.  Finally, in October, we were surprised to find new buds emerging that had the potential to bloom.

Dahlia bloom

Dahlia bloom

This particular plant has provided several blooms and each one has been a different ratio of striated petals to solid petals.  Then, over the weekend, we saw another bloom coming in.

Dahlia starting to bloom

Dahlia starting to bloom

I was getting very excited!  The dahlia opened completely so we can enjoy its beauty.

Dahlia finally bloomed

Dahlia finally bloomed

At times, I wanted to give up because the plants were taking a beating from the hot weather.  With patience and perseverance, I have been rewarded with gorgeous blooms.  Thanks to my mother for sharing her obsession with us!



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