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Photography Monday: Disneyland

We went to Disneyland on Saturday to spend the day celebrating a dear friend’s birthday.  We haven’t been to the park in over 15 years so we figured it was time to visit.  It also gave us the chance to use and play with a new camera that was on loan to us.  For photography nuts like myself and my husband, theme parks are filled with many photo opportunities.  In some cases, we don’t take the iconic shots because we see other aspects that are far more interesting.  I was enthralled with the details of Hollywoodland in California Adventure and took these shots.

Tile detail in Hollywoodland

Mosaic detail in Hollywoodland

Being a designer, I often take photos of patterns because they can be repetitive and fascinating to look at.  Here are a few photos of patterns that caught my eye.

Tile detail in Hollywoodland

Pattern detail in Paradise Pier

As you look at these photos, they don’t scream California Adventure and that is the point.  Sometimes you want to put on your designer’s hat and take photos that are unexpected, intriguing and different.  Photography is fun and I hope I inspire you to take some photos.



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2 thoughts on “Photography Monday: Disneyland

  1. elizabeth on said:

    great photos!

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