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Loving Black Cats!

A few weeks ago, I read a small blurb about how black cats are the least adopted cats in America.  Such a travesty!  We have three cats and one of them is black.  Meet Merckx!  We adopted him about ten years ago from our local shelter.  Fortunately, our local shelter has the means to keep animals for a longer period of time and he had been in residence for over two months.  We chose him because he had been there the longest and we hit the jackpot.  He is a wonderful cat and quite the character.  He greets anyone that comes into the house, has to be in the middle of the action, sleeps with us every night and plays with his roommates, f/stop and Wren.  What is not to love about him?  His wish for you is to have a happy Halloween!  And, adopt a black cat.

Merckx being a basket cat!

Merckx being a basket cat!

Here is a short article about why black cats aren’t adopted as often as other cats.  Remember to hug your cat today!



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6 thoughts on “Loving Black Cats!

  1. I’ll second that! Love my big black (adopted from a rescue shelter) kitty! Happy Halloween!

  2. elizaeth on said:

    Happy Halloween Merckx!

  3. Geri egan on said:

    He is such a happy kitty!

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