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Dreaming of Dahlias

My mother has a fabulous cut flower garden. It is filled with roses, sweet peas, hydrangeas and dahlias. Her newest obsession is dahlias and they took over the front plot of their garden with some stalks growing to about 8 feet.

A mass of gorgeous dahlias

A few weeks back, we were visiting a relative and a dear friend that were both recovering from surgery. With my parents out of town, I was able to procure some flowers to share with them.  This photo above shows what I started with.

Finished bouquets with flair

With that mass of flowers, I made three bouquets.  The bouquets on either end were placed in recycled pasta jars and wrapped with ribbon I hand on hand.  The bouquet in the middle was for me to keep.  I think I deserved it. These bouquets were a huge hit and brought some color into their lives. It cost me no money, but my time to collect the jars and cut the flowers.  Such a simple act of generosity makes me very happy and I was able to spead the joy of my mother’s flowers.  Thanks Mom!



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5 thoughts on “Dreaming of Dahlias

  1. Thank you! You are my first like. Yippeee!

  2. Joanne Nuckols on said:

    Like what you did the bouquets of my flowers. Glad someone enjoyed them while we were gone.

  3. Andi Myers on said:

    Wow! Those dahlias are gorgeous. Makes me almost miss living in California, almost. Tina, you are such a good person.

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