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Happy Halloween!

Our front porch decorated for Halloween

Our front porch decorated for Halloween

I am a strong believer in using what you have.  The chair was a trash day find that our painter stripped to look worn and the pumpkins came from my fave, Trader Joe’s.  The ficus tree lives on the porch all year long and I arranged all these elements in a few minutes.  Our porch is ready for the autumnal season and it didn’t cost a pretty penny.  Fantastic!

Happy Halloween!!


Loving Black Cats!

A few weeks ago, I read a small blurb about how black cats are the least adopted cats in America.  Such a travesty!  We have three cats and one of them is black.  Meet Merckx!  We adopted him about ten years ago from our local shelter.  Fortunately, our local shelter has the means to keep animals for a longer period of time and he had been in residence for over two months.  We chose him because he had been there the longest and we hit the jackpot.  He is a wonderful cat and quite the character.  He greets anyone that comes into the house, has to be in the middle of the action, sleeps with us every night and plays with his roommates, f/stop and Wren.  What is not to love about him?  His wish for you is to have a happy Halloween!  And, adopt a black cat.

Merckx being a basket cat!

Merckx being a basket cat!

Here is a short article about why black cats aren’t adopted as often as other cats.  Remember to hug your cat today!


Dreaming of Dahlias

My mother has a fabulous cut flower garden. It is filled with roses, sweet peas, hydrangeas and dahlias. Her newest obsession is dahlias and they took over the front plot of their garden with some stalks growing to about 8 feet.

A mass of gorgeous dahlias

A few weeks back, we were visiting a relative and a dear friend that were both recovering from surgery. With my parents out of town, I was able to procure some flowers to share with them.  This photo above shows what I started with.

Finished bouquets with flair

With that mass of flowers, I made three bouquets.  The bouquets on either end were placed in recycled pasta jars and wrapped with ribbon I hand on hand.  The bouquet in the middle was for me to keep.  I think I deserved it. These bouquets were a huge hit and brought some color into their lives. It cost me no money, but my time to collect the jars and cut the flowers.  Such a simple act of generosity makes me very happy and I was able to spead the joy of my mother’s flowers.  Thanks Mom!


Crafty Today: Mini Halloween Banner

Decorated the card tree with this Halloween banner

Decorated the card tree with this Halloween banner

Since Halloween is a few days away, I wanted to share my newest Halloween creation. Using tools from my arsenal, I crafted this banner with supplies I had on hand. I used the following tools:

  • Cricut machine
  • Creative Memories/Cricut cartridge Cheerful Seasons (pumpkin with vine)
  • Creative Memories/Cricut cartridge This & That (bat, black cat and spider web)
  • Cricut cartridge Stretch Your Imagination ( jack o’lantern)
  • Creative Memories Border Maker with Pumpkin Chain
  • Quickutz Revolution with 4×4 alphabet die
  • old book paper
  • scrap pattern paper
  • ribbon

It seems like a lots of supplies and tools, but any serious crafter would have a collection like mine and be able to create a masterpiece without leaving the house. I pulled some scrap paper from my stash and used the same colors, but in different configurations for the Halloween art. The banner was layered paper with the pumpkin border running along the bottom of each letter. It is nice to have a little Halloween decoration in the house. It makes me happy to look at it. If you are interested in creating this banner, you can find the pumpkin chain cartridge and Cheerful Seasons cartridge here.

Happy Creating!


Hello world!

I never thought I would ever write a blog, but I am at a crossroads in my professional life.  Why not?  I have a definite point of view and want to share it with the world.  Being a creative person, I am always crafting my life.  I am passionate about design, crafting, photography, sewing, art, architecture, cooking and everything in between.  I find inspiration in many places and hope to show you that you can have a beautiful life that is crafted.

Join me on this journey!  I look forward to meeting you.


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